About us

  • Optimization and standardization of production processes

The methodology gives the opportunity to actively manage the organization’s processes. It enables to measure the duration of each production process with the required accuracy. All manufacturers in well-developed economies apply this type of organization. The methodology is based on the principle of balance between the interests of workers and employers and is a guarantee for the continuous improvement of the companies’ competitiveness.

  • Systems for analysis and optimization of corporate finance (Financial management)

Financial management is a task of top management. It is a numeric expression of the production processes and is a tool for planning and decision making. We offer computer-based flexible solutions for control and management of corporate finance, training and development of practical projects at the client’s premises.

  • Market research and participation in exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad

The company’s team has extensive experience in preparing and organizing visits and participation of Bulgarian companies on fairs and exhibitions in Western and Central Europe. This activity we perform in cooperation GTZ (Association for Technical Cooperation, Germany, industry chambers and associations and the Executive Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME).